We ensure the safety & Quality of all products send out to work sites & carry out regular maintenances on all our scaffold  available for rental.

You can asure  the strength & safety of our scaffold, improving safety.

Advantages of Rental

No Maintenance Because we will take care of the equiment, all deposits with ready to rent kit.

No Storage Issue.

Be Smart, Be cash Savy.

1. Why rent? 

One of the main reasons why renting scaffolds is now starting to become a preferred option for most consumers as compared to purchasing of scaffolds is because there is a lower cost of use. As a consumer you get the same quality product and all it’s features at a much lower cost, which is extremely favourable in todays cost conscious market. Furthermore another factor that makes renting more viable is that there is no maintenance cost, and you only pay for the use, thus reducing the amount of overheads that a company incurs while using the scaffold. Most consumers that use scaffolds usually find it difficult to store them as even when dismantled it does take up some space, which could otherwise be used for something else, and when you rent this problem only lasts till the end of your rental agreement after which the problem doesn’t exist, thus making rental a more favourable option. 

2. Why Aastha Exports?

Aastha Exports has been in this industry since the past 20 years, and after dealing with a multitude of corporate clients have understood the policies and other factors that contribute to the purchase/rent of this equipment. After working with MNCs such as TATA Group, Reliance Industries, we understand the safety policies and other governing policies that surround the procurement of this equipment and because of that we are able to give you scaffolds with utmost ease following all guidelines. Furthermore our scaffolds are renowned in the market to have great quality along with safety features that secure the use of the scaffold, this is because all our products are german engineered and designed and made in India, making it an all around robust yet comfortable product to use. At Aastha Exports we focus heavily on after sales service, and our team is always ready to rectify any problems that you are facing when using the scaffold including replacement of missing/damaged parts that were delivered to you. Our team is also available to inspect the site in order to make sure that you get the best fitted scaffold to your needs.